New Tools Don’t Replace Good Planning and Organization

© Jakub Krechowicz - Fotolia.comOn my last visit to the dentist he wanted to take more X-rays.  So the receptionist contacted my insurance company in advance to make sure I was covered.  Wow, I thought, this office provides great service.

My dentist is so organized that every visit runs like clock-work. At the end of each appointment I am asked to schedule my next 6-month cleaning. I am presented with not only an appointment card, but also a postcard to fill in my name and address. The postcard is mailed to my house a week before the appointment.  Then the office calls to remind me the day before the cleaning. Needless to say, I have never forgotten an appointment.

But I noticed something very strange on my last visit.  The receptionist didn’t have a computer.  She had a typewriter that looked like it was from 1986!

Consider how this applies to your own business. Make sure you have systems and processes in place to keep things running smoothly. It may be fun to spend time and energy playing with social media and using new online tools, but you can’t forget about a good old-fashioned thing called organization to help keep your customers coming back.


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