Facebook – Stop Changing!

As a marketer, I find it a challenge to stay abreast of everything going on with social media.  There are so many possible choices that I find it best to concentrate on just a few that are appropriate for my target audience.

Given the sheer size of Facebook, it is no wonder that I must keep my eye on this social networking service. The hard part is figuring out all the nuances that can impact or thwart any efforts I put into programs built within the tool.  On more than one occasion I have found myself partly down a road when Facebook changed the rules rendering my work useless. I spend time worrying about what is on my page or on my wall.  It probably doesn’t matter, because many people are just checking their newsfeed on their phone and never check out the wall anyway. What about you? How do you typically access your Facebook account?



It is not only frustrating from a Marketing perspective, but also as a customer as well. In my attempt to understand what just happened with the last round of changes I discovered that my wall became inaccessible to my connections.

I hear another round of changes are coming.  I can’t wait.


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