Does Your Customer Service Suck?

I recently ordered a gift card online from Juicy Couture for a birthday gift.  The mere name of this organization repels me, but it apparently appeals to the next generation.  The gift card did not arrive on time. Normally I would disengage completely and cancel the order, but since this was a request for a VIT (very important teenager); I was compelled to see this thing through. 

What Happened

First I placed the order to be shipped to a different address.  Juicy left me a voicemail several days later to confirm the shipping address.  A strange practice I thought, but I called them back to confirm the address and told them I was disappointed that it didn’t ship in time for the birthday. They apologized profusely and promised it would be shipped out immediately.  Unfortunately, the recipient never got the gift card.  I contacted Juicy again and they said that too much time had lapsed between the time they left me the voicemail and when I returned the call so they cancelled the order.  So I placed the order again, informing them of my disappointment.  They apologized profusely, told me the order would be shipped within 5-10 business days, and stated they hoped I would consider using them again.  Of course I thought the nice thing to do at this point would be to overnight the card, but I didn’t push it.  I was surprised, however, when I received another phone call from them two days later asking me to verify the shipping address. Really?  I typed in the address myself and I confirmed it for them twice on the phone?

The Moral of the Story

You can make mistakes.  You can apologize all you want.  But you need to deliver.  And do it in a timely fashion.  Good customer service is not just about sounding nice on the phone.  It’s about delivering the goods.  Literally.


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