Delete. Delete. Delete. Stand Out In A Paperless World!

I used to have a boss who would pass out memos to the staff and leave them on our desks. He was a very smart guy… he knew when he had something important to say the best way for that message to get through was via real paper NOT our email inbox.

There is no doubt that sending email is quicker and often more efficient than traditional mail. But the overcrowding of our email boxes has hampered its effectiveness. I can barely keep up with work email let alone personal email. I trash so many communications simply because it’s overwhelming. Services like prove how bad it’s gotten.

I also noticed that Amazon offers the ability to not only send birthday greetings via email and attach a gift card, but you can also choose snail mail for the same price. Which would you choose to make sure your recipient got your gift?

Don’t get lost in the clutter. When you have important clients, prospects or friends think about using the USPS to make a connection. Send an old-fashioned letter in a regular envelope. I bet you’ll be surprised by the results.


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