3 Tips to Build an Effective Social Media Campaign

1. Use common sense to connect with your audience

Did you ever see a study and think, “Did they really have to spend $25MM to figure that out?  I could have told you that.”  Just because a social media tool exists, doesn’t mean you have to use it.  For example, I love marketing and I do actually fan the Facebook pages of several marketing gurus.  But I very rarely interact with them on Facebook. Why?  Because I’m on Facebook to be social and hang out, not to think about work.  I find it ironic that some of these pages for the “experts” have low engagement. Meet me on Twitter if you want to talk shop. Common sense, right?  Think about not just where your customers are online, but where your customers are likely to interact with your brand online.

2. Testing is key, measurement is critical

Make sure to test, test, test!  I learn every time I launch a new strategy.  Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by the results and other times I’m disappointed.  But no matter what, I have measurements in place so I can tell what worked and what didn’t.  This helps me consistently improve my results and get better each time. What marketing metrics do you use to evaluate your efforts?

3. Advertising helps

While many think that advertising is the opposite of social media, the two actually can work well together.  Just be sure to advertise strategically to gain new fans and followers.  As with anything, it must be targeted.


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