How to mix up your plan in a complex media world

Boy Watching TV

Image courtesy of Ambro

As of late, everywhere I turn I hear about how brands (and people) should be on social media.  Whether or not you choose to jump into the social media realm, it cannot be the only component of your overall media mix.  While it is true that media choices have become more and more complex throughout the years, one thing is for certain – people use a variety of mediums to consume their media.  Traditional media has not disappeared. Think about your own habits, and be honest with yourself:

  • How often do you watch television?
  • How often do you keep the television on while you do something else and end up listening to the commercials? 
  • How often do you read magazines? Maybe not a paper copy, but perhaps a digital version?
  • Do you flip through that free newspaper or local magazine when it comes to your house?
  • Do you ever listen to the radio?  How about listening to the radio with commercials?
  • Check out the mail when it comes?  Even the postcards?
  • Notice billboards or any type of OOH signage (out of home)?

Of course the media you consume may not be the same as what your target consumes, and your first step is to figure that out.  Depending on who you are trying to reach, none or all of the above may apply.  The point is not to completely turn your back on traditional methods.  In fact, you may find a vehicle that none of your competitors use at all, which might give you an even bigger opportunity to stand out.


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