5 Travel Tips You May Not Have Thought About

Beautiful Sky

View from the Back Row

Book the back row

Unless you’ve been bumped up to first class, book the last row of the aircraft.  Many travelers don’t like the back row because they have to wait longer to get off the plane. I always book this row because if the flight isn’t full you are more likely to end up with empty seats next to you, a huge plus.  It’s worked for me many times.  Plus, by the time you get off the plane and down to baggage claim the bags still aren’t there!


Book the window and the aisle

If you are traveling with a companion, don’t book seats right next to each other.  Instead, book the window and the aisle.  Middle seats are the last to get booked, so if the plane isn’t full you may get lucky and have an empty seat next to you.  If not, you or your companion can offer to change with the middle seat occupant.  Typically, they will be very happy to make the switch.  This is another tip that has worked for me repeatedly.


Do curbside check-in and tip the baggage guy

If you are checking a bag, go to curbside check-in and give the guy a good tip.  You can avoid the lines inside, plus it’s quick and easy. I usually give about five bucks.  It goes a long way toward giving you peace of mind that your bag will arrive safely.  Yes, you may already be paying a baggage fee, but an extra couple of dollars is worth it to know you will have more clothes to wear on your trip. I can’t say if this is the reason, but I haven’t lost my luggage yet! Knock on wood.


Check out the aircraft in advance

Most often the airline will let you see the amenities in advance so you can decide if you want to buy the movie on the plane or if you need to plan alternate entertainment options.  Just look it up online when you are waiting at the airport.  If you need to you can make a quick dash to Hudson News.  Don’t expect to get my favorite Diet Pepsi there though, they only carry that other brand.


Consider signing up for the credit card

If you travel multiple times a year but not enough to enjoy the perks of frequent fliers, you may want to consider getting the credit card for the airline you fly the most.   You’ll get added benefits like free baggage and priority boarding.  Depending on the number of trips you take, the baggage fees can add up over the course of a year.  But do your homework first!  Bags fly free on Southwest, and JetBlue offers the first bag free.  Each airline has it’s own guidelines.


Wishing you safe and happy travels!





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